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Entry #1

Seeking redemption for bad submissions via my current project..

2008-03-25 00:13:27 by JayLittle

I am currently working on a new Flash production.
It will be a movie featuring stickmen (if you do not like stick men then consider this your warning)
& will be a direct conclusion to "Ninja In The Forest".
HOWEVER I would like to state that although a simple continuation, the movie itself will differ 'extremely' from the first.
All feedback has been noted & will be 'fixed' for this follow up.

It will include the best features from my previous submissions & hopefully none of the lesser features.
It will also have less talking & more action (although there is a story/purpose).

Any tips welcome & I shall possibly post again depending of the progress of the movie.

(This is my first post so I thought I should write something regarding or relating to my presence on Newgrounds rather than just saying: 'HI'



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